– If your like me and your at a crossroads in your 20s becuase there are SO many options work, travel etc then your at the right fucking place, lets figure this out.


Coming back from University a lot of us are stuck, it doesn’t matter if that cocky ass hole on your course has got a bloody good job because of his placement at fucking IBM. After talking to a lot of my friends and seeing which paths the have taken its clear that it was never going to be a simple journey. Too many interviews to count a brief period of thinking i was going to settle in a comfy call centre job i have came to the ultimate conclusion.

we are fucked.

Where is the logic in giving 10 years of your life (which you only get once) to company who see you as nothing but a number? After that 10 ears you may have increased your shitty salary by 10 grand but then what? And what about if your fired after 9 years because the economy has took a giant turd on your company?

That is why ladies and germs we have to fend for yourself, we are in the age of technology and media. Use it to your advantage, go start something that in 10 years time you would have built up, instead of doing a 10 year stretch in an office sat next to Susan from accounting talking about her fucking cats.

I have started idontknowwhatimdoinginmy20s so i can post valid business ideas and to make us all feel a little more confident about getting through our 20s.

stay tuned.

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Getting where you wanna get to

Since i have started this before i ┬áhave even properly started my own wheeelin ‘n’dealin these are just thoughts if you guys leave your thoughts everyone might be able to find a link to their own idea, connections are always as important as they say they are!

so basically the play anyway…

Get your idea straight, everyone’s knows you need to get the business side correct but make sure its something your invested into and not just i like it, you have to really get get deep into it .


Thaught i would share a song as i was writing so… but seriously.


Back to the plan

You  can start of by simply making a list of things your good at and things you like.





Once you have that done go from there use the internet to source your jobs/materials/contacts/usp/alienconspiracy/milakunisnudes/etc…/etc….

then you stay focused, that is being more grown up i am afraid.





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